Breakthrough Innovation
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A Breakthrough Impact on Cancer and Related Diseases

The standard approaches to chemotherapy have been effective in some cancer patients but significant progress as measured in the extension of lives has been limited. The global scientific community is unanimous in its view that a transition to more individualized treatment will be essential to significantly improve patient outcome.

BIOMEDCORE has moved to the forefront of this transition by working in concert with advisors from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC-IRAP). It has developed a breakthrough live 3D in vivo tumor Technology platform that enables oncologists to validate the efficacy of specific drugs on specific patients within two weeks of diagnosis and to recommend interdisciplinary therapies with unprecedented confidence and certainty.

Game Changer

Can analyze metastases: The technology is so powerful and unique that a patient specific ZgraftTM can be created from a high quality biopsy or patient blood.

Accommodate Patient-Physician needs: Can rapidly match the right drugs to the specific patient making individualized therapy a reality. Can test unconventional alternative approaches.

Has wider applications: 1. Health claim strategy and assessment. 2. Preclinical studies for the development of drugs and nutraceuticals. 3. Reappropriation of drugs for alternative indications.

Global impact and scalability: Healthcare rules and regulations are standardized across the world. This allows the application and scalability of this technology on a global scale.


Unrivaled Technology

  • Live immune system: Mimics an individual's active immune system
  • Metastasis: Visualizes and predicts patient specific disease patterns
  • Rapid stage-matched intervention: Enables timely and individualized attention

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Biomecore Inc. today announced successful completion of a project that evaluates the capability of Technology Zx in mimicking lung cancer metastasis to the brain.
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